Marcer's Atari programming & Tools


This site is nothing fancy since the main goal is to collect the stuff you need to be able to code and create your fantasy!

There may be some stuff missing please email me this tool or progam for future update!


68000 to GFA Converter v0.1

A68 MC68000 Assembler v1.0

Adebug v1.0

Advsys - An Adventure Writing System


C Compiler & Pcommand

C Shell (Mono)

CBO v7.7 - GFA Compiler

Devpac 56 v1.0

Devpac v2.08

Devpac 2.09 - An Cool Version

Devpac 2.23

Devpac 3.10

Du Debug

First Basic v1.0

GCA GFA Compilator - French

GFA Assembler v1.5

GFA Basic Compiler v3.7 - French

GFA Basic Compiler v3.8 - French

GFA Basic Interpreter/Compiler Patcher v1.05

GFA Basic Interpreter/Compiler Patcher v1.07

GFA Basic v2.0 Swedish + Compiler v2.02

GFA Basic v3.0 Compiler Shell - German

GFA Basic v3.5E - Swedish

GFA Basic v3.6 TT - German

GFA Basic v4.0 EWS - German

GFA Compiler v3.03 - Swedish

GFA Draft Plus v2.13 - Disk 1 - Disk 2

GFA Gem Shell v1.13

GFA Gem Shell v1.24

GFA Lprint Patch

GFA Shell v1.05 - German

Gordos MC68000 Tiny Basic v2.0

GST Assembler Rev 1.02

Highspeed Pascal v1.5

Hisoft Basic v1.23

Hisoft C v2.03.02 - Disk 1 - Disk 2

Inline Combi v1.01 (GFA Tool)

K Seka v2.3 - Michael Bittner Version

Lattice C v3.03.04

Lattice C v5.60 - Disk 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

Licom v1.4 (New Dimension of GFA) - German

Line Assembler/Disassembler Acc

M2/68 Modula-2 Development System v1.0 - Disk 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

Peacebug v1.31

Pure Pascal - 1993 - Disk 1 - 2 - 3

Quick DSP Assembler v0.09

Raid v1.1

Resource File to Data Converter

Resource to Source Code Converter v1.30

Sega Debugger Magic Drive v1.00

STOS 3D - Disk 1 - 2

STOS Adventure Creator v1.04

STOS Basic v2.06 + Picture Compactor + STOS Maestro Commands v1

STOS Control Extension v3.5a

STOS Extension Selector v2.0

STOS Extra Extension

STOS Falcon Extension

STOS Goodies


STOS Missing Link

STOS Misty Extension v1.7

STOS Ninja Tracker Extension v1.05

STOS Ninja Tracker Extension v1.06

STOS Tracker

STOS v2.07 Loader Program Beta 2

TT Digger v4.1

Turbo Assembler v1.70

Turbo Assembler v1.7.7 - German

Turbo C Shell v1.0

Videodrome Disassembler v3.11

Videodrome Disassembler v3.22